Thursday, 6 September 2018

how to build Body at Home

10 Tips to make perfect Body at Home

Everyone wants good physic in this world to get respect from other's and it totally matters because without having good physic it's very difficult to get attention. In today's world, it's not easy to go to the gym and work on our fitness because we are so busy and we don't have time to go to the gym so here are some tips to build a perfect body at home.

Tips To Follow
  • Make a Target:- it's matter always that what you want and what you want to be. so just think for 2-3 days and then try something or go for any decision. because taking decision instantly will definitely hurt you. So, be calm and think properly and make a target that of six months or 1 year. because it will take time.

  • Exercise:- After reach on any decision you have to be work on that and it will need 100% of you. Exercise is must at there and we have to do it at anyhow otherwise forgot to make it and you have to do it twice in morning and evening.

(i)Running in the morning:- wake up early and go for running and focus on your target. you have to run around 5km every day. if you are beginner then try it from 1km from 1st day to try to reach to 5km and follow it constantly.
(ii) Workout in the evening:- Actually it's difficult for beginners to understand the way of the workout so try to join any gym near you for 2-3 months and get some knowledge and after that continue it at home. 
  • Diet:- it is the most important part at there and it should be good and be on time. there should be 3 heavy meal in a day and 2 pre and post workout meal in morning and evening both time. there should be like rice, milk, eggs, bananas, chicken if you are non-vegetarian also. more than this you also have lots of water in a day.

  • Be Consistent:- Do not demotivate and continue with your dream until it's completed. Once you will demotivate then it will difficult for you to consistent again so if you can do it less but don't try to left. it will show your willpower and strength.
  • Be Patience:- Be patience is the word which tells the whole story. it is right that it will take time but there will be the need for patience and you don't have patience then it will hurt you. so try too much just work on your principles. 

  • Hard work:- Without this it's impossible. As I already mentioned that you have to give your 100% or more to be a perfect body at home. because there no trainer, no gym and no so good equipment so have to work hard to make a perfect body. you have to hit the exercise around 50-60 minutes every day.

So there were some steps to make a perfect body at home. so if you are ready to make it then you have to follow all the steps. because if you will miss any one of them then it will be very difficult for you. hope you will like it.